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Это о-о-оу!!!
Я так ждала этого поста!...
жаль, не от Каору))))))

Member Diaries 8/25/2010: Part 1
Written by Nao at


It’s an amazingly beautiful place.

Moscow’s smoke was so bad, it felt like being in heaven.

(picture of the harbor/river with a boat from the street)

(picture of the river with a bridge)

And the venue at St. Petersburg, GLAV CLUB.

(picture of venue audience area)

(picture of GLAV CLUB stage)

The live that day was also hot...We were beaten by that heat and we were able to have a live with a good energy, I think we were able to make that great time together.

And so, since it was such a beautiful place...I wanted to stay more and see it.

(pictures of St. Petersburg)

(picture of an OZZY Matriyoshka)

Personally, in Rossia’s souvenir shop I fell in love with the OZZY matriyoshka. (Laughs)

The middle one is the face I like the most. (Laugh)

The UK-RUSSIA TOUR was like that.

So long, am leaving for the US TOUR!



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Как это прекрасно.....я просто разрыдался.....опять огромное количество эмоций захлестнуло((((